Victorious Attitudes For Everyday Life Inc., (VAEL) is an educational (501-C3) non-profit organization, serving the Maryland Community. VAEL’s mission is to educate, empower, and enrich the lives of children, youth and adults through high quality educational programs, workshops and resources.

Specializing in human development and relations, VAEL serves as a catalyst that fosters positive holistic changes in individuals’ personal, professional and social lives. VAEL inspires individuals to develop a love for self-exploration, acceptance, appreciation and elevation; while cultivating invaluable life skills crucial for living their best life NOW!

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Tips for Living a Successful Life!

DREAM BIG! Always set goals that are both realistic short-term goals and optimistic long-term goals. (No Dreams = Dull Life) 

WORK HARD! Create an ultimate game plan with achievable steps to help you reach your goals. Be steadfast when working your plan. (No Challenges= No Victories)

 LOVE GREAT! Life is too short and full of challenge. So enjoy every challenge, celebrate every victory, and love yourself and others through it all. (Love = Living)


Help Your Child/Teen Get A Head Start In Life!

MBTI® and MMTIC® assessments and coaching will help your child increase academically , develop better self-awareness and self-management needed to successfully navigate through school; peer, family and other relationships; and the world around them. For more details click MMTIC Flyer or MBTI & MMTIC Coaching.



Up-Coming  Workshops, Professional Development  and Coaching Sessions
For More Information on up coming workshops and programs near you visit our Calendar-of-Events page.